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September 27, 2012

sydneyside … new polaroids

by nicole

Last month I was in my ex home of Sydney for a conference. I also went to the amazing Atget exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. I had brought my Polaroid sx70 and a pack of Impossible Project px600 poor pod film. Inspiration abounded and produced my first decent lot of Polaroids in months. It felt good.

PS I’m heading to Thailand today so you might not see me about for a bit. But I promise to come back with lots of lovely film shots from my holiday.







glebe untitled



August 28, 2012

from the archives … newcastle

by nicole

These images are from many moons ago. A time when I still lived in Sydney and worked at Historic Houses Trust. I went up to research and photograph a story for the organisation’s magazine, Insites, of which I was the editor (and sometime photographer).

The story was on the Nissen Hut that the HHT had purchased at Belmont North for an adaptive reuse project and for which they held a design competition with the University of Newcastle architecture students. The huts were originally housing for British postwar migrants who had come out on assisted passage schemes. Today there are very few left and the HHT hoped to highlight their importance to our history and that they could be utilised for a functional home for contemporary occupants.

I shot the story with a DSLR that I hadn’t had for that long but had been using prolifically. My lovely friends Sarah & Luke made me welcome for the weekend and Luke, no mean  film photographer himself, lent me his delicious Voigtländer and gave me a roll of B&W film.

That was the beginning of a love affair … with film


the back door - nissen hut


nissen hut interior

edgytin can


hard rubbish



February 8, 2012

at the beginning … malacca

by nicole

First stop:

Melaka/Malacca, Malaysia

8 to 14 December 2011

A random selection of shots from our first visit to Malacca. Chris had been living here for a month and it’s such a beautiful place to wander, soak up the atmosphere and hang out with friends. I really enjoyed photographing it but didn’t go crazy – partly because I knew I was returning, partly because it was all so overwhelming in terms of being ripe for photography and partly because I just wanted to chill out …

You can see more images from this part of the journey on flickr

... of tea

behind the shutters

ray of light



coconut shake!

coffee combi

out of water



the locals



mr universe

January 28, 2012

so there was that one time …

by nicole

when i shot a whole roll of film for the melbourne silver mine totally awesome film swap project.

MSM film swap 1003

MSM film swap 1005

i spent the evening and morning with a good friend who was over from london and is one of a couple of people that i really credit for inspiring me to return to film photography. i shot the whole roll in one day, kind of like a day in the life of nicole. i felt inspired and excited by what i’d shot.

now i’ll let you in on a secret. normally with photographic projects and exhibitions i’m usually doing things at the last minute (like framing photos at 3 o’clock in the morning the night before) rather proud of myself that i’d done a project several weeks before the deadline.  i immediately developed it and it looked awesome on the negs! then i got a bit busy with uni and work (actually frantically mind blowingly busy) and after a couple of weeks realised i’d better get my butt into gear and scan and print the photos.

MSM film swap 1006

MSM film swap 1009

could i find the negs? no … nowhere. chris and i turned the house upside down, i flipped out and cried cause i was so stressed out i didn’t feel like i had time to shoot, develop, scan and print another whole roll.

but i did do it … and in the end both myself and the recipient did love the images.

MSM film swap 1014

MSM film swap 1015

fast forward three months. i’m back from thailand and malaysia. i’m centred, at peace, calm. and i’m looking through my dvd collection in my tv cabinet draws and glance up at the shelf in front of my face. a white box that my lab puts the negs in was sitting in front of me. about 20cm from where i’d last seen it all those months ago. it was there all along, in plain view.

MSM film swap 1018

MSM film swap 1019

i’ve now had them developed and i’ve scanned them. but you know what? i don’t think i like them as much as the roll i ended up giving to dee. it’s like the time i finished a uni assignment two weeks early and got the worst mark of any assignment ever. i don’t hate them, i like them but they just don’t have as much of the spark, the oomph, the passion of the second lot. i suppose i shouldn’t be dissing my own work but it’s just honest. maybe i’ll change my mind later though.

MSM film swap 1022

MSM film swap 1024

in any case here are a few and you can see images from both rolls on the flickr set or the other shots in the original post – if you’d like to compare and let me know what you think about all this.

MSM film swap 1028

MSM film swap 1029

what have i learnt from this? i do too much. i need to keep calm.  i shouldn’t freak out. i need shanti.

and most of all … never ever ever finish something three weeks early and then neglect to go back to it and check it again before the due date.

athough sometimes you need a little bit of panic to inspire you too!

MSM film swap 1030

MSM film swap 1033

MSM film swap 1034

ps i really really want to post my travel shots but i needed to finish this … and i have one more post before you can see the travel ones – see you tomorrow x


MSM film swap 1035

MSM film swap 1037

November 6, 2011

totally awesome …

by nicole

Inspired by nostalgia for giving gifts of mixed tapes, I thought maybe we could do something similar, but with film.

in late august dee came up with this very cool idea. last week we met up on a gorgeous melbourne afternoon and swapped our images. there were lots and lots of amazing shots taken by the very talented msm crew. i shot for dee. this is just a sample of what she got …



rainy lunchtime

glass ceiling

red door

blue chairs



waiting for coffee

October 22, 2011


by nicole

i have been neglectful … of you all

sorry … i’ll try harder

it’s all because of this

649. City Arcade, Birmingham (c.1928)

well, not specifically this postcard of the city arcade in birmingham

but because of arcades – that’s what my thesis is on … and it’s frantic …

phds are rewarding but time consuming

the photo? a very cool present from a flickr friend in sydney … i was speechless with gratitude

it arrived today so i thought i should share.

click on the image for more info!

more about arcades later … when i have time

oh … i also got this:

206. Canberra Hotel, Brisbane (1929-1935)

it’s very cool too – and relates to a former research project

thanks to ben … for the helpful pointers, research and lovely vintage pics that i don’t have time to trawl ebay for myself

September 23, 2011

la poesía – a story

by nicole

do you remember the cafe la poesía, that magic night in san telmo? buenos aires devised our meeting, so romantic and sweet, lulú

horacio ferrer, lulú


i have blogged this image before but recently i submitted it to shutter sisters’ one word project through flickr and they published it on the blog the other day. i was quite chuffed as i admire all the images i see on their site and find them inspirational.

the word of the month for shutter sisters was ‘story’ and of course you can see why i thought it perfectly fit. my talented and lovely friend nicole wanted to hear more about it and thought i should blog the story.

la poesía was a cafe i went to daily when i spent a month in buenos aires. it was beautiful and atmospheric … and had great coffee and food. i knew that there was a story behind it and thought that it must be a story out of 19th-century buenos aires bohemia, but it was only when i got home and researched it that i did find out that story at wander argentina.

it is a 19th-century building although the cafe la poesía (the poem) was only established in 1982 – but it was a bohemian enclave of musicians and poets at the time. it closed only six years later but lived on in the hearts of those who inhabited it. as the wander argentina page says:

it was here that the uruguayan poet and lyricist, horacio ferrer, mostly known for his work with astor piazolla, met the woman who remains his wife to this day, lucía micheli. The meeting is immortalized in his 1992 song, lulú

the cafe reopened in 2008 – only one year before i visited! being there i could have sworn that it had been open and trading for 100 years. this place was steeped in the history and atmosphere of 19th-century bohemia even though it did not exist as a cafe at that time.

September 7, 2011

the write stuff

by nicole


probably a title that has no doubt been used many times. but it is so right for expressing me at the moment.

writing writing writing

writing my thesis

writing for the museum

writing for my research assistant work

writing my blog … when i need a break from academic writing

i don’t think i would technically call myself a writer, therefore i must qualify that i have also been


kung fuing






booking ( international flights!)

life is full and good …

but i will really enjoy that holiday when it comes

August 30, 2011

le grand bazaar

by nicole

just another day on the mekong

the grand bazaar of cambodia is how henri mouhot, french naturalist and ‘discoverer’ of angkor, described phnom penh, the capital of cambodia in 1863. he wasn’t very complimentary about it really but this little phrase just so perfectly encapsulates for me the buzz and activity that still characterises the city today. the image above is one of the first sights i saw from our hotel balcony.

cyclo style

colonial splendour  hotel side

we came here after being in battambang for five days. chris had been sick and we just needed somewhere to chill for a week before our flight home. on our first night we stayed in an average hotel by the river. but after settling in and walking out on to the balcony in the late afternoon, we admired the beauty of the riverside and the people taking their evening stroll, we definitely chilled.

fast food

                                                                                                                                                                                                                lotus flower resting


phnom penh is probably not the first place you’d think of going if you want to chill but, from the second night, we holed ourselves up in a nice little boutique hotel with a pool and alternated lazing by it with walking up a storm in the city – despite the stomach bug i picked up on the third day.


bulk transport

we saw the royal palace; took twilight promenades along the mekong with hundreds of locals (a tradition left over from the french?); ate western food shamelessly in addition to local dishes; caught dozens of tuk tuks when we were too tired to walk; shopped at the markets; saw the crazy new developments by foreign speculators going up in some parts of the city; went to the museum; tried to drive a cyclo; checked out the backpacker area in boeung kak; had massages; hung out and drank cocktails in the colonial luxury of the foreign correspondants club; and  just generally enjoyed the sights and being lazy.

i don’t know why so many of my film images are of bikes. i must have been fixated. i promise that i did take digital shots of other things!


bright lights big city

heat of the day

August 8, 2011

it is a truth universally acknowedged …

by nicole

that if you have a football team you are surely, at least becoming, melburnian. i never thought it would happen to me. born in brisbane, as a teenager i enthusiastically followed the nrl on tv when the broncos or queensland were playing and still scream at the tv when state of origin is on. but i never ever felt the compulsion to attend a game.

living in sydney for 8 years i was still a die hard queensland supporter but said that the south sydney rabbitohs were my team. but that was more of a tribal sydney suburb thing rather than a sports fan thing as, again, i never went to a game and didn’t even watch one on telly.

i saw one or two afl games in my time, including the thrilling lions vs essendon grand final in 2001 at some pub in the heart of fitzroy. but then i went back home and never looked at afl again.

two years ago i moved to melbourne. my boyfriend’s family are carlton supporters (except for one who inexplicably barracks for north melbourne). and so i went along with them to a game at the mcg on freezing winter’s night last year.

now i have carlton socks …

a carlton scarf (official – not $2 shop) …

i’m about to get a carlton jacket

i know the words to the carlton song

sorry lions … i don’t know how it happened.



altogether now:

we are the mighty navy blues …

We are the Navy Blues,
We are the old dark Navy Blues,
We’re the team that never lets you down,
We’re the only team old Carlton knows,
With all the champions they like to send us,
We’ll keep our end up.

And they will know that they’ve been playing
Against the famous old dark Blues


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