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November 3, 2012

from the archives … bangkok

by nicole

Since i’ve just returned from thailand, I thought it would be fun to revisit some images from my first trip there four years ago. It was May 2008 and I hadn’t had my DSLR for long so I was experimenting a lot with different genres from street to portrait to still life. I can’t remember how many images I shot but it was in the thousands I think. There are an enormous amount on my flickr set from that trip so I’ll just post a selection here and you can head to flickr for some more of the love.

… actually on second thoughts … there are so many that this is going to be a part one … yay!

khao san ii


bangkok barfly

outdoor spa


no smoking

good luck?

ferry stop

monk & baby


big mouth






door stopper


empty tins

fish & orchids

lily bee

a thousand thoughts

laughing buddha


flip flops!

August 12, 2012

return to malaysia lah!

by nicole

Last night on the tram I heard two girls speaking a seemingly crazy mix of English and Malay, combining phrases, sentences and words from each with effortless and easy flow of conversation. It made me miss Malaysia so I went home and finished processing all the images from my December/January trip to Thailand and Malaysia.

After a crazy, joyous, blissed out three weeks in Thailand during Christmas & New Year, we headed back to Malaysia for a few days. to revisit friends in Malacca, pick up all the stuff we’d left there three weeks before. I was then jumping on a plane back to Australia and Chris had accomplished his visa run from Thailand before heading back there for another month.

Heading back there I got to completely indulge in taking photos of Malacca. I’d wanted to go crazy when we were there earlier in the trip but really I was too tired and just enjoying relaxing with Chris after six weeks apart so I didn’t shoot that much (by my standards!). So I relished the opportunity to go back and shoot more two rolls of film in this amazing place. It was about to be Lunar New too … we missed it by only a couple of days … but it was great to photograph all the decorations.

There are about 80 photos from this few days and I tried to whittle them down but I pretty much like all of them. So here’s part one, starting with Kuala Lumpur, a place I photographed extensively a couple of years ago and blogged about here and here early in 2011 (although I shamefully have a massive backlog of images from that trip as I shot a lot of digital).

So I eased off this time, saving my film for Malacca … maybe I’ll get those old KL images together too at some point?

sunrise over kl sentral


te o ais!

temple doorway


temple gates

view from my plate of chicken rice

temple incense

August 17, 2011


by nicole


i’ve been posting a lot of new photos lately … mainly polaroids as i’ve been sooooo busy starting the phd and all.  polaroids are so surprisingly easy to pop out and scan … truly instant gratification … kind of!

so i decided it was time to have a bit of a look backward at some of my older images. it was lovely rediscovering these from our trip to cambodia in february 2010. they were shot at preah khan, one of the amazing temples in the angkor complex near siem reap. while i loved the famous ta prohm, preah khan gave you a bit more of that overgrown abandoned tomb raider magic without the crowds. i had somewhat of an ethical problem with going to angkor so at least the less touristed sites like this abated my qualms somewhat – if only while i was there. i’m still internally divided on the heritage and social ethics of this type of tourism but i have to say it was such a magical place – with lovely warm people and amazing sites – that the minute i arrived, i was glad that i came.

while i do love shooting the amazing eye-popping colours of south-east asia in in colour, i wanted to explore the angkor’s temples on black & white film. i guess it was my attempt to evoke that old fashioned feel of the photography of yesteryear and reflect the mystery and magic of those amazing old black & white photographs of jungle temples. hope you enjoy, more on my flickr stream …




April 21, 2011


by nicole

lanterns & dragons, 2010 © nicole davis

i’ve been catching up finally on my backlog of photos. finally i’m up to february last year with normal film & digital images and november with polaroids. (let’s not discuss those two rolls from ten years ago that are still sitting there though … oh or the last dregs of my 2009 south america shots!)


now i can feel free to develop the seven or so rolls of film sitting in my fridge. so stay tuned, there’s a whole lot more coming.

last night i cropped and resized some pics from a roll of film taken in february last year in kuala lumpur. i only took about 15 shots in two days on film in that fabulous city but all except two were of the temples. i just was really captivated by the light and the possibilities that beckoned by using film to shoot them.

so right. they ended up being shots with that indefinable something that i so yearn & strive to capture.

here are some of them … hope you like.

plates, 2010 © nicole davis

mirrors & smoke, 2010 © nicole davis

sales, 2010 © nicole davis

offerings, 2010 © nicole davis

simplicity, 2010 © nicole davis

silver lion, 2010 © nicole davis

translation? 2010 © nicole davis

not a temple, 2010 © nicole davis

February 8, 2011

housekeeping: an experiment

by nicole

housekeeping (wat preah prom rath, siem reap, cambodia), 2010 © nicole davis
so folks, i’m doing a bit of an experiment that I hope helps me deal with my backlog of images. i’ve got a bit of a double up situation where i post images on my blog, then post exactly the same images on flickr. it’s taking up quite a bit of my time needless to say adding tags, adding to groups etc etc.

i love that i get heaps of views on flickr but i’d like more people to actually look at my blog. so how do i deal with this? do i keep flickr as a kind of portfolio with lots of images & only put one or two on the blog and then direct people from here to flickr & vice versa? or do i put lots here, as i’ve been doing lately, then put only a few on flickr & get people to come from there?

in a way the latter option would seem more sensible as a lot of people might not bother going to the blog when they’ve seen everything already on flickr. so i’ve decided to go with the latter: post a few from each post on flickr and then direct people to the blog. let’s see how that goes.

any ideas from you bloggers/flickr users out there who’ve experienced similar issues? i’d love to hear your experiences!


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