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June 19, 2013

Portrait <3

by nicole

It took me a very very very long time to feel remotely comfortable shooting portraits. I dislike having them taken myself so always felt uncomfortable even taking street shots of other people, let alone posed portraits. But they are growing on me as I shoot more people. Particularly people I am comfortable with. Travelling has made me more confident, taking photos at parties where a little wine lubricates the creativity and confidence. But in the last few weeks especially I feel buoyed and am relishing portrait photography. I took photos a friend’s wedding and did a portrait shoot for another. They made me feel at ease. They made it easy to give of myself. Isn’t it supposed to be the photographer saying that? Yes … normally … but they are not shy, often unconfident me. My subjects make me feel comfortable, they give back to me. They so loved the way I portrayed them and mad the experience a joy.

One friend particularly gave me the most amazing boost when she told me about how she felt about my portrait. She said ‘I just see me, you captured my soul’. Her words touched me and gave me the strength to do more. Maybe this is overly dramatic to some but to me photographing someone is so intensely personal and I need all the confidence I can muster to do it. But the last few weeks I am reveling in it, thriving on it. Bring on the portraits I say! (Watch out peeps … I am on the loose with a camera. Seriously … am totally up for a shoot).



May 16, 2013

Mic & Mel

by nicole

Just a quick little post.

A Polaroid from my cousin’s wedding in March

Mic & Mel

May 12, 2013

Here be dragons on Mother’s Day

by nicole

Chinese Dragons are one of my favourite things – I just love them. So I tend to take lots of photos of them when I see them.

Although in Western mythology dragons are often represented as frightening creatures and were once placed on maps to represent uncharted waters, in Chinese culture they represent good luck, power and strength and are highly visible in the famous Chinese Dragon Dances on New Year’s and other festive occasions.

Today I was having a look at the last few polaroids that I needed to scan/edit/post and these were the only two left of my px600 shots (yay for catching up!).

The first image was taken at my grandparent’s house in Brisbane the day my grandmother died last year. The second I took at the lovely Thian Hock Keng Temple in Singapore last September and I gave it to my Mum along with her birthday presents last year.

Both my Mum and her mum were born in the Chinese year of the dragon. I took the photos in the year of the Dragon. I lost both my Grandmother’s within six weeks of each other last year, in the year of the Dragon.

Being Mother’s Day and realising all these little connections as I was getting them ready to post on Flickr was poignant for me and a little sad. I miss my Nanna and my Grandmother a lot but I love remembering them and am grateful that neither are in pain. Last year I wrote a little post about them but it was all too raw at the time to say much more. It still is really.

So Happy Mothers Day to all you mums. Both those who are with us and those who aren’t.

Singapore dragon

Brisbane dragon

April 6, 2013

Just bubbly!

by nicole

standing her ground

Well … I finally did it! I finally set up somewhere where people can purchase my images!

I went with a shop on Red Bubble in the end after many months of thought and research.

I would I confess like to run my own personal store and have control of the product but, given my constant travelling habit and the demands of a PhD, decided that this would be a better way to go.

Not only is it convenient for me but Red Bubble have a great reputation for quality products and an amazing range that I just couldn’t offer if I did the shop myself.

You can purchase greeting and postcards, photographic prints, framed prints, mounted prints and canvas prints – so there is definitely something for everyone on there! Also, their photographic prints are actually done on my paper of choice, Kodak Endura, so I am really happy with that. I’ve so far loaded just a few favourites from my polaroid shots but will be uploading more as soon as I can!

Of course if there are any other images from my flickr or blog that you would really love to see on your wall, I would be really to make those available as well – just contact me through the blog and let me know.

So please spread the word and visit me at Red Bubble!

March 27, 2013

Football season!

by nicole

As some of you know I am a bit of an AFL (Australian Football League) fan. Namely I am a Carlton (Blues) supporter. This intense love for the game came as quite a surprise to me when I first moved to Melbourne. Being from Queensland, we tended to support other football codes and while I liked to watch Queensland trounce New South Wales in a match on telly, I had never been to a game. Victorians in general are, however, mad about the sport and my tune was changed after my first game.

This week the football season kicks off and tomorrow my beloved team plays another team that I am quite fond of … The Richmond Tigers … I hope they pound them … (sorry Tiges fans).

This polaroid was taken on one of the last days of play last year  as I cycled home from work through the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) one of the major battle arenas for the AFL.

I think Carlton were playing Collingwood that day … nuff said.

football season ... the end ... 2012

October 27, 2012

sneak peek …

by nicole

Just a little sneaky peek of my Thailand photos … currently I’m scanning the polaroids. There aren’t heaps … but many many 35mm shots to come!

sanctuary buddha

September 28, 2012

Polaroids on Kew

by nicole

What do you do at 7am in Singapore airport if you don’t feel like shopping or eating?

Polaroids anyone?




September 27, 2012

sydneyside … new polaroids

by nicole

Last month I was in my ex home of Sydney for a conference. I also went to the amazing Atget exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. I had brought my Polaroid sx70 and a pack of Impossible Project px600 poor pod film. Inspiration abounded and produced my first decent lot of Polaroids in months. It felt good.

PS I’m heading to Thailand today so you might not see me about for a bit. But I promise to come back with lots of lovely film shots from my holiday.







glebe untitled



September 24, 2012

flowers for you

by nicole

ancient greek queen

eight-century saint

thankyou for your love

and strength

i will miss you always


August 20, 2012


by nicole

On Saturday I went and saw the amazing film Journal de France, which was on as part of the Melbourne International Film Festival. I was so to shoot both by it and being around some fellow polaroid photographers.

So I took some polas.

With mixed results.

This is what happens when you get integral film stuck in an sx70 and then proceed to try to rip it out but can’t, then someone else manages too!

Hehe … i kinda like it though!



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