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November 6, 2011

totally awesome …

by nicole

Inspired by nostalgia for giving gifts of mixed tapes, I thought maybe we could do something similar, but with film.

in late august dee came up with this very cool idea. last week we met up on a gorgeous melbourne afternoon and swapped our images. there were lots and lots of amazing shots taken by the very talented msm crew. i shot for dee. this is just a sample of what she got …



rainy lunchtime

glass ceiling

red door

blue chairs



waiting for coffee

August 25, 2011

flowers for you

by nicole

for you


the other day chris brought me in a little collection of flowers from my garden. i thought it was high time i cracked open the impossible project px600 silver shade poor pod film i had stashed in the fridge.

you are supposed to use a filter with 600 film in an sx70. i couldn’t find mine so i just tried it anyways … maybe a wee bit overexposed but i was very happy with the results!

i’ve been completely blessed with impossible project film. i guess it’s kind of tricky but i’ve almost always been happy with the results. so they’re not perfect but i’ve never been devastatingly disappointed or shot a whole pack that comes out blank. i do follow the suggestions for shielding them from light and such that i read in the forums but i’m certainly not precious about it all.

guess i’ve just been lucky.

my only disappointment? the poor pods have not yet yielded any of the faulty gorgeousness for which they held such promise. but hey, i’ve got 11 packs left.

surely it is only a polaroid photographer that could be disappointed that their film was not faulty!

ps it’s chris’s birthday today. he got the original of these as part of his present. a little return gift to say thanks for the lovely flowers. x

May 27, 2011

a parliament of owls

by nicole

so i actually should be finishing my phd proposal. but posting some more of my px100 experiments seems like a much more satisfactory way to spend a cold melbourne night while half watching the the carlton/melbourne afl game.

the top two are from my first pack. the bottom two from my second. i was going to detail where the wheel was set, blah blah, but really, due to the dodgy shutter, exposure times varied. so really all these px100 shots are in the hands of the gods! but i really don’t mind that. it’s really why i love polaroid photography. the mystery, the random results, the excitement of seeing what turns (or doesn’t) turn out. & with these new impossible films the frisson of the polaroid magic is even more exciting. so all of you out there who haven’t tried it or haven’t had the greatest success, go for it! there’s magic even in the shots that are less than perfect. looking forward to showing you more of my experiments …

ps thanks to the lovely amanda  for tweet support encouraging my procrastination tonight.

May 23, 2011

night owl

by nicole

night owl, 2011 © nicole davis

i declared my sx70 broken a while ago. but thankfully it’s not. it’s just being curmudgeonly and the shutter is staying open for several seconds when i press the button. it’s not the same amount of seconds though. no. sometimes it’s one or two or three or sometimes (but not very often) it acts completely normally.

frank, the awesome impossible project camera doctor, has been trying to help me fix it via email from across the world but i still need to fiddle a bit more. i recently hurt my shoulder so fiddling with a polaroid or even taking photos difficult.

but there is a plus side to all this.

  • the long exposure time means i’ve been playing with interior night shots.
  • and these have to obviously be held very still so i’m doing some still life stuff.
  • and i’m experimenting with my packs of px100 that have been sitting there for months.

this little fella was my test subject for getting the light right. it’s a bit hard due to the unpredictability of the shutter speed but i’m liking this version best out of the five shots of him. it was actually the first shot and i would prefer a little more contrast in the white so i kept experimenting. but i wasn’t not able to get it any more contrasty than this.

when it’s easier for me to type & control photoshop (ie with two hands) i’ll post the various images of my little owl that i did while practising.

i really really really like it. i will definitely be buying more. very soon in fact as i’ve used two of three packs already!

oh in case you are wondering, my owl is my pen/brush/scalpel holder in my studio.

he’s from have you met miss jones. i want one of everything!

May 17, 2011

hey cupcake!

by nicole

cupcake, 2011 © nicole davis

a cupcake (british english: fairy cake; australian english: patty cake or cup cake) is a small cake designed to serve one person, frequently baked in a small, thin paper or aluminum cup. as with larger cakes, frosting and other cake decorations, such as sprinkles, are common on cupcakes. wikipedia

May 8, 2011

to mum

by nicole

happy mother’s day!

this is a special post for you since i can’t be up there to give you your flowers in person.


sunny, 2010 © nicole davis

erigeron, 2010 © nicole davis

May 3, 2011

how sweet it is …

by nicole

still life with cupcake, 2011 © nicole davis

i was sitting on the tram on my way home tonight and thought

despite being rocky at times

life is very good

there is so much to be glad about

 like hugs & kisses, photography, nerdy sci fi shows, friends, laughter, learning, amazing sites, travel, animals, babies, family and so so much more. oh and …

 delicious treats


cherry blossoms



still life with macarons, 2010 © nicole davis
last blossoms, 2010 © nicole davis

April 13, 2011

it’s been far too long …

by nicole

since i posted any polaroids

i have quite a few sitting there to be worked on … so they will make an appearance in the not too distant future … hopefully.

luckily i have some time to catch up … my precious sx70 is broken, so no polaroids have been shot for a couple of months. it’s quite sad. i am planning on fixing it but my life is far too crazy at the moment to have time to do so.

teapsy, 2010 © nicole davis

clearly, 2010 © nicole davis

upshot, 2010 © nicole davis


March 14, 2011

signs of hope – ume

by nicole

signs of hope triptych © nicole davis

this post and its title is was inspired by today’s shutter sisters’ post signs of hope. the gorgeous  photo of magnolia buds reminded me firstly of a polaroid i took of magnolia buds on gertrude street in fitzroy last spring.

quickly a few connections occured in my brain – i’d also taken pola shots of the plum blossoms in both fitzroy & preston. plum trees abound around the streets where i live in preston. i have several in my front and back garden and am so excited when they start to flower. this is because they look & smell gorgeous and i love to photograph them but also, come november, we’ll have a glut of plums, enough for us to make jars and jars of jam, as well as keeping all the birds that flock to our yard very happy.

more soberly however, they made me think of japan, where the plum (ume) blossom is one of the first signs of spring. the japanese apricot/chinese plum/prunus mume is a species of plum and one of the first trees to flower in the spring.

they have deep importance in japanese culture and are found in parks, gardens and shrines throughout the country. a number of ume matsuri are held in japan at this time of year, including at the yushima tenjin shrine in tokyo and kairakuen garden in the city of mito in ibaraki prefecture, close to the pacific coast where the tsunami hit on friday.

in the disaster that has hit the country, perhaps the ume blossoms will be some small sign of hope for them.

October 22, 2010

that indefinable something

by nicole
crisp, 2009 © nicole davis

crisp, 2009 © nicole davis

lots of things inspire me. i connect with & shoot all different styles, from street photography to architecture to still life. there are many amazing photographers out there that i really admire.

i’ve found some of them through the blog world and recently it was great to see three bloggers whose photography, words & style  i really admire coming together in one project: pia jane bijkerkbrian ferry & ebony bizys of hello sandwich, who participated in the  1010 project by victoria hannan. i’ve now also discovered seven new photographers that i know are going to inspire me. but what struck me when i looked through all the images from the gallery, and that i’ve never put into words before, was that their work all reflects an aesthetic that i also try to capture in some of my photography (and clearly turn me into a gushing fangirl).

they have an indefinable something that i connect with, that draws me in, that gives me pleasure, that i want to find for myself. it’s something about their lighting, their framing, their subject matter. they’re often taken on film or look filmlike, usually deceptively simple, they look at things from a different point view & they all have a dreamlike quality that makes you want to be there.

coincidentally, several months ago, i began to go both shoot new & revisit old images of my own that captured these qualities, that spoke to me in the same way. last week though, seeing the images in 1010 inspired me to verbalise this for the first time. looking back over old work, it is clear that i’ve been chasing this aesthetic for longer than i realised. before i even had heard of any of these photographers, before i even rediscovered my love of film.

so enough with the words. in tomorrow’s post are some images from my trip to south america last year, taken with my beloved canon tx, that are kind of what i’m getting at. i might even make this a regular post. let’s see shall we? 


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