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March 9, 2011

paris: city of the living

by nicole

i have journeyed halfway around the globe; but nothing i have met in all my wanderings has sufficed to damp the pleasure with which i enter this gay, bright, noisy, restless city – this city of the living, as beyond all others it may be justly called

fanny trollope, paris & the parisians,  1835

the park, 2009 © nicole davis

sometimes i think the images that best express the existence of people in the urban environment are those in which they are not present. images of  the built environment & other objects produced by human society speak of people so strongly, that their very absence in such a scene intensifies their presence.

do you know what i mean?
snowdrift, 2009 © nicole davisle vespe, 2009 © nicole davisle pont, 2009 © nicole davishappy hour, 2009 © nicole daviscold outside, 2009 © nicole davisknotwork, 2009 © nicole davis



March 4, 2011

to be in paris is to be

by nicole

isn’t it just?

girl on the corner (of the rue de turenne) or dans la rue, 2009 © nicole davis

brasserie, 2009 © nicole davis

promenade, 2009 © nicole davis
crossing, 2009 © nicole davis
crossover, 2009 © nicole davis
seine, 2009 © nicole davis
icy ride, 2009 © nicole davis
seine, 2009 © nicole davis
blanche neige, 2009 © nicole davis
au rocher, 2009 © nicole davis

ps i discovered this image by atget over a year after i took the photo above … hence the subtitle.

pss the title of the post is a quote by an anonymous correspondent to diarist jean de jandun … 1323


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