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April 8, 2013

Making my day

by nicole

I have been a little (okay a lot) inactive on flickr over the last six months or so. The less active you are apparently the less traffic you get and less views and less comments and blah blah blah. Not that this really worries me. But a little part of me does like to think people are seeing – and enjoying – my work. I have tried to get with the social media program a bit more lately on Facebook and Red Bubble and on here – but I’m not as consistent as I would like to be.

Today I jumped on to Flickr and a new comment on one of my images popped up that just made my day:

“Hi Nicole,
I am so in love with all your film shots~My home town-Malacca looks so beautiful under lens!”

durian ... still untasted

enjoying his stinky fruit

Simple but lovely … and it made me feel so happy.

Once I followed the trail from the comment I realised that the sweet Nong Jia Nu who posted it also has a flickr photostream and a blog with gorgeous images of Malacca, including one of my favourite spots, Lorong Jambatan.



We even had a photo of the same white chair that is still sitting in front of the shop after a year.

I spent ages on her site enjoying her beautiful work and I would highly recommend a long visit.
Thus was inspired a bit of a post with some previously and never before seen Malacca shots.

wood & steel

August 13, 2012

return to malaysia … malacca again

by nicole

More shots from Malaysia, January 2012. Malacca.

After editing and loading these images onto flickr, including heaps of Malacca’s Chinatown, I saw this post by the Cherry Blossom Girl with her images of Shanghai. Now  I NEED to go there to shoot. Imagine how awesome Shanghai would look on film!!!

This is a looooooooong post. Plus there are more photos on flickr.


uxor pientissima

dude ...

obligatory tourist snap

river fish

sungai melaka


lanterns aplenty


yellow house

sultan's palace

victoria's fountain

christ church



bridge to another world


pot dealer

under the arches


inner sanctum

past the white walls

corner chair

lanterns everywhere

tiny temple

the library ... but not as we know it

kopi ais

enjoying his stinky fruit

kopi o



August 12, 2012

return to malaysia lah!

by nicole

Last night on the tram I heard two girls speaking a seemingly crazy mix of English and Malay, combining phrases, sentences and words from each with effortless and easy flow of conversation. It made me miss Malaysia so I went home and finished processing all the images from my December/January trip to Thailand and Malaysia.

After a crazy, joyous, blissed out three weeks in Thailand during Christmas & New Year, we headed back to Malaysia for a few days. to revisit friends in Malacca, pick up all the stuff we’d left there three weeks before. I was then jumping on a plane back to Australia and Chris had accomplished his visa run from Thailand before heading back there for another month.

Heading back there I got to completely indulge in taking photos of Malacca. I’d wanted to go crazy when we were there earlier in the trip but really I was too tired and just enjoying relaxing with Chris after six weeks apart so I didn’t shoot that much (by my standards!). So I relished the opportunity to go back and shoot more two rolls of film in this amazing place. It was about to be Lunar New too … we missed it by only a couple of days … but it was great to photograph all the decorations.

There are about 80 photos from this few days and I tried to whittle them down but I pretty much like all of them. So here’s part one, starting with Kuala Lumpur, a place I photographed extensively a couple of years ago and blogged about here and here early in 2011 (although I shamefully have a massive backlog of images from that trip as I shot a lot of digital).

So I eased off this time, saving my film for Malacca … maybe I’ll get those old KL images together too at some point?

sunrise over kl sentral


te o ais!

temple doorway


temple gates

view from my plate of chicken rice

temple incense

February 8, 2012

at the beginning … malacca

by nicole

First stop:

Melaka/Malacca, Malaysia

8 to 14 December 2011

A random selection of shots from our first visit to Malacca. Chris had been living here for a month and it’s such a beautiful place to wander, soak up the atmosphere and hang out with friends. I really enjoyed photographing it but didn’t go crazy – partly because I knew I was returning, partly because it was all so overwhelming in terms of being ripe for photography and partly because I just wanted to chill out …

You can see more images from this part of the journey on flickr

... of tea

behind the shutters

ray of light



coconut shake!

coffee combi

out of water



the locals



mr universe

December 8, 2011

break in transmission

by nicole

i will be away for a while and probably not engaging in social media of any sort much.

because i’m going here:

why not? 


long tails

and here:

i’m packing: canon 500D with tamron 17-50 f2.8 lens plus the canon tx + 8 rolls of film plus my friend’s sx70 with 7 packs of film. i will have lots of images to share when i return in five weeks!

April 21, 2011


by nicole

lanterns & dragons, 2010 © nicole davis

i’ve been catching up finally on my backlog of photos. finally i’m up to february last year with normal film & digital images and november with polaroids. (let’s not discuss those two rolls from ten years ago that are still sitting there though … oh or the last dregs of my 2009 south america shots!)


now i can feel free to develop the seven or so rolls of film sitting in my fridge. so stay tuned, there’s a whole lot more coming.

last night i cropped and resized some pics from a roll of film taken in february last year in kuala lumpur. i only took about 15 shots in two days on film in that fabulous city but all except two were of the temples. i just was really captivated by the light and the possibilities that beckoned by using film to shoot them.

so right. they ended up being shots with that indefinable something that i so yearn & strive to capture.

here are some of them … hope you like.

plates, 2010 © nicole davis

mirrors & smoke, 2010 © nicole davis

sales, 2010 © nicole davis

offerings, 2010 © nicole davis

simplicity, 2010 © nicole davis

silver lion, 2010 © nicole davis

translation? 2010 © nicole davis

not a temple, 2010 © nicole davis

February 10, 2011

恭喜发财 (gōng xǐ fā cái)

by nicole

lanterns (chan see shu yuen temple, kuala lumpur, malaysia) 2010 © nicole davis

i love chinese new year! partly because it often falls in the weeks around my birthday so i get fireworks to celebrate! i love the colour & the ceremony & the joy put into this celebration. and it goes on for two weeks, unlike the western new year! this year we went to chinese new year celebrations in bourke street, melbourne. the parade kicked off fabulously with lion and dragon dances by the chinese youth society of melbourne. but, being melbourne, it then suddenly bucketed down with rain on everyone. we went for cover in the nearest chinese restaurant. later, with very full stomachs, we got front row seats for some more great lion dance blessings. this weekend we’re heading to sydney & will be checking out the remainder of new year celebrations there too!

chinese (lunar) new year is very big in australia with our big communities of chinese, vietnamese and others who celebrate the occasion. australian cities do it in grand style, with perhaps the biggest event being the new year parades with the fabulous lion dances a big hit. lion dance is a special form of kung fu and many schools have a lion dance team. a lot of schools also have their students performing their kung fu skills for the audience as they follow their lion in the parade. i got to go in the sydney parade one year with my school & it was such a buzz to march in front of those enormous crowds.

last year we spent the chinese new year period in kuala lumpur & cambodia. it was really exciting to be in asia for it & new year fell on my actual birthday while we were in siem reap. they don’t do it quite so big there but there was still a morning lion dance performance for the restaurant beside our hotel & people burning money for good luck & lots of firecrackers. i got so excited, i went a little crazy with photos.

ps do you know that gōng xǐ fā cái (mandarin) & gung hay fat choy (cantonese) don’t actually literally mean happy new year? they mean ‘congratulations and prosperity’. i never knew that till today!

gift shop (jalan petaling, kuala lumpur, malaysia) 2010 © nicole davis

lion & tiger (lion dance performer & sungei wan plaza, kuala lumpur, malaysia) 2010 © nicole davis

food stalls (jalan hang lekir, kuala lumpur, malaysia) 2010 © nicole davis

lion & tiger (gift shop, jalan petaling & sin tze ya temple, jalan tun hs lee , kuala lumpur, malaysia) 2010 © nicole davis

mall (bukit bintang centre, kuala lumpur, malaysia) 2010 © nicole davis

cathedrals of commerce (suria shopping centre & sungei wan plaza, kuala lumpur, malaysia) 2010 © nicole davis

lucky! (miss wong cocktail bar, the lane, siem reap, cambodia) 2010 © nicole davis

burning offerings (pokambor avenue, siem reap, cambodia) 2010 © nicole davis

burnt offerings (pokambor avenue, siem reap, cambodia) 2010 © nicole davis


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