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November 9, 2010

‘roid week!

by nicole

roid week set 2010 © nicole davis

erm … huh, what is that? i hear you say!

‘roid week is a five-day stretch where a bunch of dedicated polaroid photographers get together on flickr and post up to two new never-before-posted polaroid images a day to the ‘roid week flickr group. it happens twice a year and in 2010 fall/autumn was on from 1 to 5 november. this ‘roid week is the first time i’ve participated as in the spring incarnation i didn’t have my polaroid camera yet. last time i just ogled lots of other amazing polaroid photographers, took note of their amazingness and bided my time.

it was lots of fun getting involved and i’d saved up some shots from the last couple of months to post, which you see above. i’ve taken what i consider some of my best polaroid shots over the last few weeks, so it was great to post them for the first time during ‘roid week. my latest pack of ATZ (artistic time zero) polaroid film has been producing some really interesting and unusual colours and i’ve been very excited about them. above are four the five of the images from my flickr stream that i posted for ‘roid week (the fifth will appear in my next post!)

in the end i had many encouraging comments and favorites on my flickr stream from many fellow flickr users and contacts, including some of those pola photographers that i think are just the bees knees when it comes to shooting polaroid.  the shy uncertain girl in me is so amazed when people profess that they love my work. don’t get me wrong, i love my work too; but i always think of it in my terms – do i love it? –  without much consideration about whether others might too. so i get a little thrill and a sense of wonder when others tell me how much they do like it.

i also learnt a lot and saw some fabulous, inspiring work. i now have a ridiculous amount of faves on flickr! i highly recommend you go to the ‘roid week flickr stream, set it on slideshow & drink in the gorgeousness that is polaroid!


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